is on hiatus

Hey, thanks for visiting! Although I'm no longer providing digital marketing services, I do post the occasional blog here as my time allows.

And I've reposted most of my "oldies-but-goodies" from Oracle's Topliners community (if you know, you know). I also use this site for testing - so if you see something really odd, that's why (my story, and I'm sticking to it).

I still take-on small web projects, so if that's what you need, I can usually be found on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. It's more of a ministry these days.

My latest project - - is directly from my heart, as it tells the story of our son's sudden cardiac arrest, his survival and recovery, and our passionate advocacy for youth heart testing, hands-only CPR/AED training, and AED accessibility. He's truly our "miracle on the mound." 

Faith can move mountains [Matthew 17:20]